The Skills Link Program is aimed at youth of the community aged 15-30, who have barriers to employment and need assistance entering the workforce. The criteria for the program are as follows:

-Participants must be out of school
– Participants must be in need of assistance to overcome barriers to employment
– Participants must be Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or people who have refugees status
– Participants must be legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial/territorial legislation and regulations; and not be in receipt of Employment Insurance benefits

Past participants have said:

“Skills Link is good because it is helping me find the right job”. (Lance Parsons)

“Skills Link is an experience that has given me a positive outlook for my future and maybe a career.” (Donnie Furlong)

“The program is fun. It teaches you new things and you meet new people and have new experiences”. (Tia Wiseman)

The program has a very encouraging success rate and is generally received well within the community. It leaves our young people with a sense of accomplishment and the confidence to move forward in their lives. They get an opportunity to learn that it truly is the ‘Ability’ that counts and everyone has something to offer.
This program is an initiative offered in partnership with Service Canada

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