The mandate of Ability Employment Corporation is to assist persons with disability living in Regional Economic Zone 15 in finding meaningful employment for an equitable wage.  AEC works with other public and private agencies, community groups and government departments (both provincial and federal) to advocate educational pursuits, supported employment programs and competitive employment, all of which promote independence and social well-being for persons with disability in our area.

Who Are We?
The Ability Employment Corporation is a not-for-profit organization that provides career counselling and job placement services to persons with Intellectual disabilities as well as those facing barriers to employment. AEC offers services within Economic Zone 15 which spans from Chapel Arm to Port Blandford, down the entire Bonavista peninsula and the Burin Peninsula to Swift Current. We have been operating in this region since 1992 and have employment counsellors based in Clarenville and in Bonavista. AEC can help you with your career goals or labour force needs. We can assist you in overcoming any challenges or barriers you face. We currently have clients working with supports through the SENL program as well as clients working through youth programs. Help can also be provided to those with barriers to employment due to mental health issues.


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